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Uppgroup Inc. is a leader in Keyword Technology specializing in website development and search engine ranking for business professionals in every type of field.

Since 1996 we have provided companies with partnering programs and services designed to achieve unparalleled online positioning of their companies. Uppgroup Inc services draw from an experienced team of staff members committed to meet and more often to exceed our clients expectations.

With over 15 years of company experience in website development our web firm has the expertise that you are looking for.


Leadership in Keyword Technology

Experienced Website Design Team

Advanced Marketing

Effective Ecommerce Solutions


Over 15 years of experience

We have been in the advertising and website design business for over 15 years and have done work for small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations, and varying levels of government.


Wide Areas Of Expertise

Uppgroup Inc is a well established web design firm experienced in website development and design; e-commerce solutions, graphic design, multimedia presentations and advanced online marketing.


Reliable Services

We listen to the needs of your business and provide quality services only.


Instant Customer Support

We are responsive and can be contacted easily anytime you need.

web design canada

Website Design and Development

Uppgroup knows that your company's website is an important and effective marketing tool. We provide web design service for businesses of all types from small to large corporations. We treat every client with the same careful level of attention. Our in-house web designers are detailed-oriented, which means we pay great attention to the exact specifications our clients require.

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keyword technology uppgroup

Keyword Technology

We are a world-wide leader in search engine ranking and keyword technology. Websites using a Keyword Technology strategy ensures a higher ranking in the search engines; and can be found on the first page of a searched term. Uppgroup Web Design helps you get to the top of search engines. With every new site we take into account the key phrases you would like to come up for in Google and other search engines.

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uppgroup marketing service

Advanced Marketing and Promotion

This may include the redevelopment of an existing site or designing of a new web site. Each site is optimized for Search Engines using our Keyword Technology. We have the strongest marketing tools and strategy that help your website reach top positions on major search engines safely.

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uppgroup ecommerce services

Full eCommerce Services

Uppgroup Inc. has many divisions which focus on different arenas, including mobile computing field. We own the Pro Desks - a fully eCommercer website that sells. We know how to create a working eCommerce website that attracts potential visitors and converts them into sales. We have built a variety of Ecommerce projects for clients around the world.

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uppgroup president

Merv Carlson

- Founder and President of Uppgroup Inc. -

"KEYWORD TECHNOLOGY is a rapidly growing field and when applied in the website's design it allows a website to achieve higher search engine rankings than the traditional methods used."

uppgroup divisions - keyword technology

Keyword Technology Division

Many of our clients come to us to rebuild an existing site, or sites, as they found that the current set up was created solely from a graphics standpoint, and not really a positioning standpoint.

A site that is developed from the ground up to rank and position is built different than a site that is built solely to supply information and look good. Both sites are visually appealing and to practically everyone who visits the site, they look the same, however the similarities end with the visual aspects.

Keyword Technology, when applied to the construction of the site, well that changes a whole range of items. File naming is different, all the way from the standard button names on the site, to the page names, to image names. How those files are interlinked changes, site maps change, are created in a more elaborate fashion, on page SEO, off page SEO, all those factors are addressed.

But there is a ton of research first into how people actually are "looking and searching" for exactly what your proposing, this assists the creators in making sure the site is focused on the way they are already looking.

uppgroup divisions - prodesks laptop desks

Pro Desks

Pro Desks, an e-commerce division of Uppgroup Inc., was founded 12 years ago.

Pro Desks was formed to provide high quality vehicle laptop desks, rolling laptop desks and laptop desk accessories. We own stores in American, UK and Canadian markets. We provide effective mobile computing solutions for professionals, consumers, law enforcement agency personnel, construction & service firms who wish to have a truly unique mobile workspace to enhance their work performance.

Pro Desks websites were created and marketed by its parent company Uppgroup Inc. using the most advanced keyword technology technique. Over the years, we are now proud that our Pro Desks websites show up on the first pages of major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo for a list of important keywords. Pro Desks is a clear proof for our ability and skills in creating and marketing e-Commerce websites.

uppgroup divisions - prodesks laptop desks

Pro Bins

Pro Bins is another division founded by Uppgroup Inc.

Pro Bins was formed to provide professionals, consumers, law enforcement agency personnel, construction & service firms along with all contractors access to one of the top automobile storage solutions available in North America. We offer the exclusive Pro Bin under seat and behind seat storage solution.

The Pro Bins allows you to store your guns, hunting gear, fishing rods, tackle, GPS, binoculars, power tools, tow ropes, rain gear, tie down straps, first aid kit, chains, bungee straps, jack, hats, boots, gloves, jackets, jumper cables, spare batteries, etc. safely either under or behind the rear seat of your pickup truck.

uppgroup divisions - real estate marketing service

Pro Listings

5 years ago Uppgroup expanded into real estate market.

As a marketing firm with more than 15 years in this business, we have knowledge and experience to help clients from all areas, including real estate, to position and gain visibility online. Realtors, when doing business with us, will be provided with a very powerful marketing service. Our service is a real enhancement to what they were offering through other traditional real estate marketing methods.

Uppgroup began an ongoing campaign and marketing division to assist realtors and those wishing to sell real estate with a very powerful service; this division has seen rapid expansion over the past few years.

Pro Listings is one of Uppgroup featured real estate promoting tool. The moment you join our real estate network, your listings will be uploaded to our wide powerful network and the listings will soon spread all over the Internet.

uppgroup divisions - prodesks laptop desks

Pro Directories

Uppgroup Inc. has been involved in all aspects of directory listings for over ten years, with a wide range of directories we own.

We also work with thousands of other high end, key directories, which are crucial to a campaign of positioning.

Basically, Uppgroup Inc. can take your site, or sites, and submit them and place your listings in all the key quality directories for you. This is a crucial aspect; it needs to be done with all aspects of Keyword Technology applied. This should not be left to chance; use a professional firm like Uppgroup Inc. for this.

uppgroup divisions - prodesks laptop desks

Pro Press Division

Pro Press division was founded to provide quality press release creation and uploading service for Uppgroup's web design and marketing clients.

We have used press releases in our own and our clients business promotion campaigns for many years and now offer this sub service as a standalone item.

An experienced Keyword Technology firm like Uppgroup would do all of your search engine optimization needs. We have talented writers who can handle writing press releases with Keyword Technology in mind.

There are huge advantages to using Uppgroup Inc, an experienced keyword technology firm to assist you in creating, submitting, and then positioning that release to work for years, not just two seconds. We have our own powerful press release distribution network and a wide network of public press release distribution channels.

uppgroup divisions - tough desk laptop desks

Tough Desk Division

Tough Desk is by its name, synonymous with rugged strength, and is designed for the oil and gas industry.

It is designed to provide the greatest strength, with the advanced mounting advantages of seat rail installation, and of course, the Ultra comes with full locking capabilities.

This new division brings out some of the most innovative desks that Uppgroup Inc. offers in all of its mobile computing areas, and especially exciting of course, is the new IPad Mounting solution by Tough Desk.

uppgroup divisions - triocom laptop desks

Triocom Division

Triocom was established by Uppgroup Inc. in 2007.

For years it's been a mainstay in the mobile computing industry providing solid, easy to install car and truck laptop holders that fit virtually any vehicle.

Triocom also features the Navigator Pro, and Navigator, two of the most ergonomic desks on the market.

The Navigator Pro, an Exclusive product to Uppgroup Inc., sold through the Pro Desks stores and the Triocom outlets, provides an excellent choice for professionals looking for a solid mounting solution for office work on the road and or job site.

uppgroup divisions - kamia kennels

Kamia Kennels Division

For those who are in need of Elkhounds, Kamia Kennels is considered as the ideal source and recognized as the number one source of Elkhounds as well as a useful resource website in North America.

The website of Kamia Kennels has been updated, hosted and maintained as well as promoted by Uppgroup Inc. right from the start. The website is best described as a personal communication based with a newsletter style that is considered a comprehensive resource when it comes to Elkhound news and information.

What Makes Us Different

15 Years Of Experience

Uppgroup has over 15 years of experience working in web designing, keyword technology and marketing field. We have customers worldwide.

Wide Areas Of Expertise

Uppgroup has expertise in multiple areas: web design, web hosting, marketing, keyword technology, e-Commerce solutions, brand building.

We Listen

Each business has its own needs. Our staff are detailed-oriented, which means we pay great attention to the exact specifications our clients require.

Instant Customer Support

If you have any questions, just email or call us and we're always ready to support you.